Want to buy a brand new home? Buying a new construction home takes a little know-how.

New construction homes come with a lot of perks, like home warranties, energy efficiency, new appliances and no worn-down parts in need of repair — plus, if you buy early enough and from the right builder, you can design it exactly the way you want it with today's decor. But there are few things to think through when it comes to new construction, like your budget and timeframe as well as which builder in which new home community.  Here are a few of the big things to consider when deciding if a new construction home is right for you:

Most new construction builders offer one of the following customization options:

  • Inventory:  We meet with the Builder's on-site agent to select the best available "inventory" home for you and your immediate needs. An inventory home is already completed, or mostly completed, and is purchased "as is". [typically the most affordable and quickest process - many times as quick as closing on a resale home]

  • Semi-custom: We meet with the Builder's on-site agent to select the best floorplan for you on the best homesite for you to be built in the best budget and timeframe for you. The structure is typically pre-permitted and building has started, but you may be able to make some design choices. [more expensive than inventory and a 3 to 6 month process]

  • Fully custom: We meet with the builder to discuss structural options available to you prior to the home being permitted. You can choose plan options as well as design options. [most expensive and 9 to 12 month process]

Once we determine which level of customization, budget & timeframe you’re comfortable with, we need to make sure you know what features come standard with the home and what costs extra.

Make sure to use a Realtor® who specializes in New Construction

Buying new construction is like any home purchase: you need a team with your own interests at heart. Research, interview, and hire your own Buyer's Agent, and apply to multiple mortgage lenders to find the best deal, just like you would with an existing home purchase.

It's FREE to you! The Owner/Seller/Builder pays for the Buyer's Agent (not the Buyer)! Builders count on their Realtor® relationships as a large part of their marketing budget and welcome the business, and no, the Builder won't give you a better deal for not using a Realtor®. 

Builders also often have preferred lenders, and it’s not uncommon for them to offer incentives to buyers to just use their lender. But it’s good to do your own research. A builder’s lender may offer you incentive money, but you may find that an outside lender may charge you less in points — which means bigger savings over the life of your loan. 

There are many questions, "ifs, ands, buts and it depends" involved in building a new home - make sure you have an experienced Realtor®, experienced in new construction, representing you and your best interests!
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Tabi Deas
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